Sustainable Nation: Working Title
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Sustainable Nation: Working Title
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Sustainable Nation is a film about the hope Israelis are bringing to the world through the life-changing potential of water.

How through systematic water resource management and a holistic approach to sustainability, Israelis have become trailblazers in global water technology.

But the film is not about technology.

It’s about people helping people.

We travel with young Israelis as they work to improve global water sustainability –watering drought-plagued farms in California, revolutionizing irrigation in Nepal and improving health and sanitation in East African communities – where they gladly pass on their knowhow in desalination, wastewater reclamation and irrigation.

We also follow Israeli high school students determined to participate in the Stockholm Youth Water Innovation competition. Highlighting the quality and idealism of young Israelis and a vision of hope for a better future.

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